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- 8:15am: Traditional Holy Communion (BCP)

- 10:00am: Choral Family Eucharist (BAS) with Sunday Club and Nursery for children

Nursery & Sunday Club News
posted on: 18/06/17

Re-Starting the Sunday Nursery
Several parents would like us to re-start our Sunday nursery to allow parents the option of having their children aged 0-3 to go to the nursery. Please note that children of any age are always welcome to stay in Church too. (If they make noises they're only fulfilling their job description and it reminds us all that this is a living Church.)
However, to provide parents with a choice we'd like to offer a nursery. We'd like to restart it very soon and for it to be principally staffed with a parent in charge (or else people trained in first aid as well as early childhood education.) We expect it will be mostly parents who staff it and we have several who have volunteered already. We'd like to get more volunteers so, if you're willing, please let Heather Faint know by email: heather.benson86gmailcom

Children's Focus in Church at the start of 10:00 am Sunday Service
Each Sunday we are having our 10:00am Church service start with a short children's focus, just after the opening hymn.  Parents, please bring your children to Church with you. The Sunday School teachers will then lead them across to the Parish Hall for Sunday School following the children's focus.

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