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- 8:15am: Traditional Holy Communion (BCP)

- 10:00am: Choral Family Eucharist (BAS) with Sunday Club and Nursery for children

Divisions of Ministry

Church Window

St. Luke's is a Church which welcomes all people to make their lives more meaningful through Spiritual growth and in living the message of Jesus Christ in our world.

For more information on St. Luke's priorities and how we reach the greater community, please read our Ministry Covenant and Action Plan

We encourage you to explore the six major areas of ministry:

Worship ~ Outreach ~ Evangelism ~ Christian Formation ~ Pastoral Care ~ Parish Life


Worship reconnects your spirit. We worship because it is a faithful response to a generous God. Through worship, we reconnect our spirits to the source of our being and are enlivened to be engaged in Jesus' mission in the world. Sometimes, in the midst of worship, we have a powerful glimpse of our God who is greater than any of our concepts and yet is closer than our own heartbeat. We hope that you will take the opportunity to worship with us.

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Come and make a difference We at St. Luke's Church believe in walking our talk! Preaching the message of Jesus Christ is essential, but it is only meaningful if we live that message in what we do. For this reason, we are engaged in making a difference to the lives of others, just as Jesus did and called us to do.

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Who could you invite to come with you?
Evangelism is simply telling the good news of Jesus to others. The best way to do this is to invite someone to come and see and experience for themselves God's love for them. Once we realize this love, it follows naturally that we want to share it with others and, even more, to be engaged in God's mission to love this world.

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Christian Formation

Formation is about Education and Relationships Christian Formation at St. Luke's is about learning as you grow. We believe that you never stop learning, and that learning in relationship with others is one of the ways that we grow spiritually. It is also about belonging. Here are some examples of what you might join:

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is one of the most important ministries which we do. It is in this ministry that we reach out to those who most need a human touch in their lives. We put our faith into action when we reach out to the ill and those in crisis.

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The Stewardship Division helps us learn about being good stewards of our resources, to use God's gifts to us to the best advantage. We have all been given the gifts of time, talent and treasure in different measures and need to be concious of how we use them in our daily lives. Year round stewardship involves four areas - financial administration, annual stewardship campaign, communications and parish events.

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